We are pleased to inform you that a New Patent Law No. 18 was issued on 30 March 2012. The law will be operative 60 days from date of issue. The most important points are summarized below:

1.      Substantive examination will be conducted by the Patent Office who can seek scientific experts or patent offices, if necessary.

2.      The term of protection of patent will be 20 years, but only 10 for utility models, integrated circuits and layouts.

3.      All patents, filed before operation of the old law No. 47/1946 and not issued before operation of  the new law, will be considered as filed in accordance with the new law No. 18/2012.   

4.      Executive instructions will be issued within 45 days from date of issue of Law No. 18.

5.      Lapsed patents due to non-payment of annuities can be restored if applied for within 6 months. It is not certain if this applies to all applicants or only to individuals as the law mentions both under different articles.