Thank you for your interest in our firm. We have been operating in the field of Intellectual Property matters since 1965. We have been members of INTA and ASPIP for many years.
Our firm is recruiting qualified consultants and staff ensuring reliable prosecution of IP business entrusted to us to the best of your satisfaction. 
We are proud to mention that we have worked for many years on behalf of large international companies all over the world.

We hope that your visit to our website prove beneficial and that you find answers to most of the points you may raise. We welcome your comments thereon.


George Syriani  
Algeria is a member of: *Paris Convention as from March 1, 1966 *PCT as from March 8, 2000 *Madrid Agreement as from July 5, 1972.
ip News
During the last three months we have been confronted with two price increases (publication + charges) and two additional requirements for the legalization of Power of Attorney. Accordingly, we have been forced to amend our charges for certain items and absorb the increase in others. Amended charges can be provided if interested.
For the legalization of POA, the new additional requirements are:
1.       A copy of ID or Passport of the official who signed the POA with his signature thereon.
2.       A copy of Certificate of Incorporation or Extract from the Commercial Register of the applicant who issued the POA.
The above will no doubt add a further delay in the legalization process of the POA and accordingly they have to be provided with the legalized POA soonest possible to ensure speedy completion of the approval and legalization process.
Syria is a member of: *Paris Convention as from September 1, 1924 *PCT as from June 26, 2003 *Madrid Protocol as from August 5, 2004
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